Rear Loader Mid Range ALPHA
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Rear Loader Heavy Duty BRUTUS
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Rear Loader Mid Range BETA
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Rear Loader Mid Range IPANEMA
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Rear Loader Satellite MIKRO
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Selective Equipments
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Self-Contained Compactor WASPAC
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People management

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Our Company and values.



USIMECA constantly invests in research in order to anticipate and creat new opportunities to its customers. We work creatively, aiming to increase our knowledge, and, therefore, develop or technologyally improve products and processes.


Technologic development and strategic national and international partnerships, in addition to the use of sophisticated software in its projects. These are some of USIMECA’s practices, aimed to offer modern, resistant and durable products to the customers.


USIMECA has the most diverse product line that offer specific and adequate solutions to the real needs of the customer.

We offer rear and side loaders, self-contained compactors and street and airstrip sweepers, all of which are manufactered using modern projects and high quality materials.


USIMECA invests in the improvement and qualification of its collaborators and offers trainings that aim to identify strong and weak points that each person has.

In this way, everyone is prepared to perform their functions in order to meet the expectations of the company. This reflects directly on the results, with better quality and productivity indexes.


Environmental protection is a constant concern to USIMECA in all of its customers’ solutions. The commitment with sustainable development is present in the technologic development projects, in the research investments and in the training of its collaborators.

By offering quality products for storage and transportation of residues, USIMECA contributes to the efficiency and safety of the collection cycle, avoiding accidents and environmental contamination.